You’re the one infinite now

was the sky kind to you when you fell into it
were you shown the boundless universe, 
before you were drawn from it
you don’t know that you’re the one infinite now.

you are the laughter ringing
eternally concomitant with ours
you are the image of love, overwritten
you are the sorrow, nothing can ever do justice
you are the tears flowing endlessly 
behind the scenes, when the show’s over.
but you don’t know that, you’re the one infinite now.

poetry spilledink mh17

just as I was getting used to you
you stored me, unattempted
in your wallet

as if you don’t want to spend me
when I’m not at my highest worth

but I can’t be saved.

spilledink rejectscorner poetry

I’m starting a war
against the illusion of love
whether it’s you deceiving me
or me cheating myself

I’m fighting for every piece of me
that is claimed or sacrificed

I’m fighting for the heck of it
as to at least not become
commotionless common ground

spilledink rejectscorner poetry love and war

you love parts of me I didn’t even know existed
they’re still learning how to love back

and somewhere I love that you don’t love
the parts of me that know how to love too well

poetry spilledink rejectscorner


it’s the weight of significance
at its finest

I almost
you almost
we might as well have
but we didn’t

it has broken
and saved me

a life of almosts
but without it
would there be a
most of all

poetry spilledink rejectscorner

It’s hard if what you used to
build up on, is destroyed
And all that you take in,
trembles and shakes
From every night or day dream,
I wake up with clean hands
Scarred from another life, as if
burned troubles could provide a blank slate
Getting tougher, less pivoting
But further made up of merely
the weather bound chemicals
at the very moment of waking.

poetry spilledink rejectscorner creative writing

These days I find myself generally scared
I was born as a witness to beauty
But in every beautiful thing, danger hides

And it could not be more true to me
That without its opposite, light would not exist
Could you follow me through the dark
And drag me along, whenever I go astray.

poetry spilledink rejectscorner freeverse

You make me lay my head down
Lift my feet from the ground
and refit into my skin
My body positioned
in this degree
So there’s nothing left to do
but stare into you
Conquered by the view from this angle
Finally looking up again

I’ve always liked falling.

spilledink rejectscorner poetry