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you showed me the version of you
who’s able to love me so much better

and I think I’ll wait for someone like him.

I won’t stand still
just to be able to stand next to you

I feel like letting myself fade
into everything you didn’t want me to be

and everything I tried to be for you
will be like a secret
and I’ll go back to the start.

you were only kidding

some cruel joke

you were only a mirror

showing my tragedy

let yourself get lost

rather than clinging onto something you’re not

you are the type of thing
that could be explained to me
a thousand times
and I still won’t get it
or remember how it was explained

I guess this one’s on me
I gambled my heart
knowing it’d probably got stuck
between what is and
what I make the truth

no, not me, not this time

I won’t stick around long enough

for you to let me feel

the life that happened to me

should make me less of a person

I never see the forest for the trees, I could really use your melody, baby I’m a little blind.

Demi Lovato

but I can’t solve my tiredness
by sleeping in all day
just as I can’t handle rejection
by rejecting myself too

maybe I was never meant to love only you
maybe I just needed the courage
to take my love somewhere new

and I won’t be the one missing out
on getting loved back anymore
but you’ll be the one missing out
on all my love, I once gave you

Am I sad, or healing?
Is this pain from a wound
being salted, or stitched up?

You don’t want to forget
You can’t let it be forgotten
It’s easy to get distracted from what hurts too much
You won’t let yourself feel
And before you know it, you wake up barely alive

But I collect stories, that need to be told
I’ll take the words as literal as you felt them
I’ll take some of the weight, even if it doesn’t relieve yours
I’ll be the one to carry it with me, for you.

I want to capture you
everything about you

but the problem is
I discourage myself

I won’t tell anyone that you turn the world around.
They wanna see us fall, they wanna see us fall down.