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You don’t want to forget
You can’t let it be forgotten
It’s easy to get distracted from what hurts too much
You won’t let yourself feel
And before you know it, you wake up barely alive

But I collect stories, that need to be told
I’ll take the words as literal as you felt them
I’ll take some of the weight, even if it doesn’t relieve yours
I’ll be the one to carry it with me, for you.

I want to capture you
everything about you

but the problem is
I discourage myself

I won’t tell anyone that you turn the world around.
They wanna see us fall, they wanna see us fall down.

Most of what you see my dear, is worth letting go
Because not everything that goes around,
comes back around you know

the things I go through in my mind
you could never keep up

I can feel you losing sight
what we have is built up
to fleeting moments now

intensity, when we forget
to refuse what we feel
moments of confusion,
yet clearity
that it might not ever be
any other way

I’ve got so much to complain that I barely do
I’ve got so little to smile about that I gleam all the time
You know I didn’t have much left to feel
Until you.

But now that I need you more than ever
I’m letting you go
I know I have to save myself

This is built on no illusions
But what we try to reject to see if it’s real enough to come back around everytime

my fear is
one day anyone would
stop making an effort for me

as I’d let myself unravel
to feed our love
I could no longer hide
all my impossibilities

It took me that long to realize you might not love me, it made it look impossible.

something meaningless has left
yet I feel a strange longing
and I take a moment to mourn
everything that has not left
or even come yet
I get mindlessly detached to,
one day I’ll long back to.

It’s a long way down, a long way down from here. It’s best not to think about it, just put your arms around me.


I only ever remember things from one perspective
So I always get lost, seeking a way back to something familiar

they keep running towards each other
but without actually seeing each other,
they are always on opposite sides

I have dreams of orca whales and owls
but I wake up in fear
So who’s the girl wearing my dress?