I whisper untill I outshine
the screaming
I let it come over me,
burn off the acid sensitive layer

there are no boundaries
keeping me safe
I want to master the fall
out of another world
into my own.

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we take our turns
it can’t all endure at once

I’ve been trying to hold myself together
as some kind of promise
every time we spin around

and maybe one day
we’ll perfect this sway.

spilled ink poetry poets on tumblr

I’ve been shivering
from the turbulence
of a black hole
growing inside of me
but I will write.

I will write 
to keep the veil up
write till I turn 
the storm around
and I’m shaking 
from nausea;
sick of emotions,
I’ll still contain.

spilled ink poetry poets on tumblr

twerkaholicanonymous asked:

I think you're an amazing writer and you're extremely talented :) I love your poems so keep up the good work :)

Life notes Answer:

Thank you so much :) you’re not too shabby yourself either, keep it up as well! ;)

I try to warm myself up
afraid I’ve been acting too cold
then you observe my melting body
and leave it to congeal anyway

I know nothing I say
will ever be enough to explain
I should just let you juggle my entire weight
and see if you can find a balance.

spilled ink poetry poets on tumblr

it was the first time in a long time
I felt the weight of the morning
as I didn’t hide from it.

and felt what a day has to offer
and it’s best to be open
from the very start
as you never know when
that one thing is going to happen
that makes a day worth living openly.

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Hello dear followers!
I’m approaching the milestone of 500 posts already and I thought it was time for a message to all of you who have stuck with me this far.
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